Panzer Leader: Counter Art


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The Arsenal of Democracy

PL American 1

PL American 2

PL American 3

PL American 4

PL American 5

PL American 6

PL American 7

PL American 8

A Few Good Counters: PL American 7 & 8

by Byron Henderson

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Commonwealth of Nations

PL Commonwealth 1

PL Commonwealth 2

PL Commonwealth 3

PL Commonwealth 4

PL Commonwealth 5

PL Commonwealth 6

PL Commonwealth 7

PL Commonwealth 8

Panzer Factors: Commonwealth 7 & 8

by Byron Henderson

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German Countersheets


PL German 1

PL German 2

PL German 3

PL German 4


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Imperial Japanese Countersheets

PL Japanese 1

PL Japanese 2

PL Japanese 3

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Italian Countersheet

For the rest of the Italians, go here.

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Panzer Leader Master Unit Function Charts*

As Web Pages

As downloadable PDF

Html files care of Terry Hewitt

*Note: Those units on the countersheets below are not covered by these charts. Units on PL German 3 & 4 are covered here. PL American 7 and 8 are also not covered. Charts appear care of Alan Arvold and Old Soldiers Magazine.

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Panzer Specials


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