PanzerBlitz: Panzer Plates

George R. Bradford

The artwork on this site (the painstaking line drawings that, for the most part, have been blackened into silhouettes) is almost all the result of one man's labours: George R. Bradford, the foremost AFV illustrator of our time. You will note his name credited in the original game; Imaginative Strategist is proud and honoured to return his work to PanzerBlitz and Panzer Leader. The plates below are meant to showcase a small fraction of his work, and to reveal the high level of artistry and detail that stands behind those small counter cameos; to see the full extent of his work in the field of AFVs, visit his site.

Image opens to a web preview for wallpaper;

Highlighted text downloads a 7 by 7 inch pdf.

Each plate is appoximately 2.5 megs.

KV-1 A Plate

T-34 A Plate

SU-85 Plate

T-35/85 Plate

Valentine Plate

T-34 C Plate

BT-5 Plate




PzKw III J Plate

SdKfz 10/4 Plate

PzKW II D Plate




S-35 Plate

H-39 Plate

R-35 Plate

Jumbo Plate


Firefly Plate


Discontinued Series:

Full-Colour Countersheets

France 1940

Soviet A

Soviet B

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