PanzerBlitz: Panzer Class


Articles by Alan R. Arvold on the Dunnigan System

in PanzerBlitz and Panzer Leader

New Articles:

PanzerBlitz Clarifications and Answer Box

An Informal History of PanzerBlitz

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The Reasons behind the Ratings

of the New PB and PL Counter Factors:

A Few Good Counters: PL American 7 & 8

First to Fight, Never to Surrender: PB Polish 1 & 2

Over the Channel, Across the Desert: PL Commonwealth 7 & 8

The Winter and Continuation Wars: PB Finlandia 1 & 2; PB Russian 8


Old Blue Eyes

Original Pinkos

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Further Reading ...


More by Alan Arvold

PanzerBlitz Master Unit Function Charts*

Panzer Leader Master Unit Function Charts*

Panzer Leader 1940 Master Unit Function Charts*

*Charts will be found on their respective Counter Art pages

Effects of New Terrain on New PanzerBlitz Boards

Obstacles and Elevation (Modified)

TET: Target Elevation Table


Comprehensive Article Index to PanzerBlitz

Comprehensive Article Index to Panzer Leader


Cruzin' for a Bruisin':

Carl Schwamberger's article on the France 1940 Countermixes


Articles from Outposts

Guide to PanzerBlitz, by T.F. McGrath (3 megs)

Guide to PanzerBlitz (2), by T.F. McGrath (3 megs)

Additional PanzerBlitz Units, by John Garrett (4.2 megs)


Panssari Salama

Michael Bennighof's Variant on the

Second and Third Russo-Finnish Wars (6 megs)




Rules: PanzerBlitz; Panzer Leader.

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Has your Combat Chart seen better days?


Here's the revised TET to go with it.

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